Team Phoenix

In its heyday, bringing I-CON to life was a labor of love, and required a small army of staff and volunteers. Well, those times have changed (at least for now), but the challenge of I-CON still calls. In late 2022, we put together a crew of talented people that could build a solid foundation for I-CON moving forward. We needed a team with a variety of proven strengths, along with professional backgrounds that were relevant, and those with experience working with conventions and non-profits. Though the backgrounds and talents may vary, what we all have in common–equally as important— is a passion and understanding of I-CON; from its inner workings, to its history and fans. Now, with Team Phoenix, we’ve assembled a core group that is not only experienced in running I-CON, but who genuinely care and are committed to its legacy, as well as envisioning I-CON’s Future.

Carl Fink, Corporate Secretary
Carl has been working at conventions since the Universicon in Tampa, Florida in the 1970s. He’s also worked in various roles for multiple Worldcons (information technology, Program, Program Operations) including as Deputy Division Head for Program at Worldcon 76.
For I-CON, Carl has been head of science programming, authors programming, fun stuff, Director of Panel Programs, Director of IT, newsletter co-editor, Vice-Chair of Finance for I-CON 32, and Chair of LI-CON 1 and LI-CON 2.
On the corporate side of I-CON, he has served as a member of the Board of Directors, President, and Vice-President, and is past and current Corporate Secretary.

In his spare time, he works as an instructional designer, after past gigs as science teacher, freelance writer, software developer, and software product manager.
Lee Wilbur, Board Member
Lee has been a volunteer since he became a co-track leader for I-CON 19’s Science and Technology track. Over the years, he has frequently organized Sci-Tech programming as well as assisted in many behind-the-scenes areas including the design and layout of the I-CON print newsletters and managing IT services. Currently, Lee serves on the Board of Directors.
Outside of ICON, Lee is an IT Consultant, with a love of technology and science fiction in general.
Kimberly Ann, Treasurer
Starting out as a classic I-CON Volunteer in 2002 (I-CON XXI) Kimberly’s (affectionately known as Kimba) enthusiasm for I-CON would eventually land her a promotion as I-CON’s director of membership in its later years. Kimba is an avid cosplayer and crafter, who currently works as a full-time elementary school teacher.
Roy Mauritsen, Director of Marketing
A veteran attendee of every Legacy I-CON convention since I-CON IV (1985), Roy has also been a guest artist for many years at I-CON’s Art Show and also a guest author. Mr. Mauritsen has served behind-the-scenes as Vice-Chair of Marketing for two I-CON’s.
Roy Mauritsen is a professional graphic designer, photographer, and art director with over 20 years of career experience in advertising.
Cindy Hand, Board & Committee member
Cindy has been involved in almost every aspect of I-CON for nearly 30 years. Cindy began as a volunteer in 1990. With her leadership skills, ability to think ahead and propose solutions for any problem, and a keen attention to programming details; combined with her passion for I-CON made her a natural choice to become the Head of Volunteers. Cindy would go on to become head of the Charity Auction, then led the popular Fun Stuff track for several I-CONs. She enjoyed the camaraderie and teamwork of the I-CON Green Room, using her skills in hospitality and organization to have everything go smoothly for the countless guests each year. Involved in every aspect, from setting up/breaking down, planning, as well as being available for every back-up duty such as emergency chauffeuring guests, Cindy is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of I-CON over the years and is a dynamic advisory resource.

Cindy’s formidable skills graced other charities as well, including he Brentwood/Bayshore Breast Cancer Coalition, Island Harvest, Long Island Center Blood Drive, 9/11 Fund and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. During I-CON’s hiatus, she continued her contributions to charities from the Hamptons to NYC, including; CPR Cat and Placement Rescue, Little Shelter, Destiny’s Hope Cat Rescue, Wounded Warrior Project, Fantastic Funhouse, Born this Way and SEA of Visibility. Her international work includes working with Sphoorti, a home for abandoned children in India. In 2022 Cindy Hand has been recognized for her tireless work as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ Community. In 2023, Cindy will be receiving an award by SEA of visibility and the Long Island Arts community for her 3 decades of dedicated service to the philanthropies of Long Island.
Heather Luttenberger Onishea Heather Dawn has been with ICON Science Fiction, Inc. for over 7 years. She started attending the I-CON convention in her freshman year of college at Stony Brook University, cosplaying as both Death and Delirium from DC/Vertigo’s Sandman. Heather soon found herself as a poor-college-student-volunteer at I-CON working under the Anime Track as a dedicated volunteer (I-CON 27). For I-CON 29 and 30, Heather served as a staff member for the Anime Track. At I-CON 31 she worked as the Track Leader for Anime Panels – scheduling panels and programming, as well as providing her own panels. In 2013, Heather attended and provided programming at Lunacon, as well as participated in NYCBM. In 2014, she attended and provided programming at both Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon and Eternalcon. During 2015, Heather has appeared/will appear at Big Apple Con, 9Pi-Con, Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicon, and ImmortalCon. Heather has also served as a staff member/volunteer at Lunacon and DragonCon. All of these event appearances were an opportunity to gain membership for the convention, and provided general fundraising for the corporation. Heather is currently serving as Chair of the Public Events Committee – a group of like-minded ICONites working on providing programming to supplement I-CON the convention. March 2014 and August 2015, Heather was co-creator and Vice Chair/Director of Programming for a brand new convention on Long Island, LI-CON. LI-CON has generated much-needed income for ICON the corporation and was voted one of the top 100 Anime conventions in America. Heather is extremely passionate about all that she does for ICON and the I-CON convention. When I-CON 32 was postponed she took an active interest in the proceedings of the Board and began attending their meetings regularly. As of July 2013, Heather has been serving as a Board Member. In 2015, she was appointed Office Manager by the Corporate Secretary.
John Cornetto
John Cornetto started at the very first I-CON as a room monitor for the film rooms. By the time I-CON III rolled around he became the Dealers room manager when the dealers room was in lecture room 100 in Javits.
ByI-CON X he moved to running the film tract both theatrical releases and independent films. He obtained anime from the first company’s that had English dubbed anime in the united states, thereby making I-CON one of the first SF conventions to have an anime track. Around the time of I-CON XX, seeing that the world of anthropomorphics was starting to become popular, he invited the chairman of of the worlds largest anthropomorphic convention to be a guest. John was able to find local artists and writers to be on panels some of them pioneers of what is
now known to be web comics. John was host the radio show Faster than light radio until the year 2000 where he interviewed guests and future I-CON guests as faster than light radio was brought to its listeners by I-CON and the Science Fiction forum.
Between interviewing authors, artist and people involved in fantasy and science fiction, he maintained the fan table- passing out literature to anyone who took interest in the convention.
When the dealers room of fan table area shut down for the day john hosted the i-con room party where genuine New York egg creams were served.
John cornetto has served as a member of I-CON’s board most of the years that we have been incorporated until present.
Izaac Falken
Bio to come