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4-APR-2009: Keith DeCandido has been forced to cancel his appearance at I-CON 28.

4-APR-2009: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jack McDevitt will not be appearing at I-CON 28.

3-APR-2009: Author John Peel has cancelled his appearance at I-CON 28.

1-APR-2009: Jason Sawtelle will not be appearing at I-CON 28.

1-APR-2009: Amy Howard Wilson has been forced to cancel her appearance at I-CON 28

21-MAR-2009: I-CON 28 Schedule posted!

27-FEB-2009: Bus Schedule between our venues has been posted. See the I-CON 28 page under the Information menu above for details.

19-FEB-2009: Travel Information now available - see the Travel page under the Information menu above for details.

12-FEB-2009: Rocky Horror Returns! See Ongoing Performances under the Programs menu above for details.


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Jess Hartley

Jess Hartley

Jess Hartley is an avid gamer who has the good fortune to work as a novelist, writer, and freelance writer/editor/developer in the gaming industry. She began playing role-playing games in the mid-1980s, when she and some friends picked up a copy of the "red box" of D&D from Toys-R-Us and attempted to teach themselves how to play. Since then, she's played a bit of everything, from Aftermath to the Zorcerer of Zo. She's an avid role-player, and loves rpgs of every sort: tabletop, LARP, online or video games. She's managed to avoid MMORGs for the most part so far, but only out of a sense of self-preservation and need to avoid having them consume her entire life!

At conventions or at home, Jess can often be found gaming. Among her favorite games to play are White Wolf's RPGs (Exalted, Scion and World of Darkness), Munchkin, Guillotine, Quicksand, Fluxx and Lost Cities. But she's willing to try just about anything once, so if you've got a favorite she hasn't tried, she'd love to learn!

Professional Information:

Jess started working with White Wolf in 2003, when she penned the Exalted novel, "In Northern Twilight", which was a Runner-Up for Pen & Paper's 2004 Fan Awards in the category of Best RPG-Related Novel/Anthology.

Since then, she has written content for Skinchangers, Reliquary (which she also developed), Midnight Roads and Innocents from the World of Darkness core game line, The Beast That Hunts The Blood (Nosferatu Clanbook) for Vampire: The Masquerade, Free Council, Silver Ladder and Mysterium for Mage: The Awakening, all four of the Promethean: The Created supplements (Pandora's Book, Strange Alchemies, Magnum Opus and Saturnine Night), "Predators" for Werewolf: The Forsaken and "The Compass of the Celestial Directions 1: The Blessed Isle" for Exalted Second Edition. She's also contributed to the Scion line (Scion: Demigod and Scion: God,)and was part of the core team that created Changeling: The Lost and Hunter: The Vigil, working on both the core rule books, as well as several supplements for each of the lines.

Jess' latest project has been helping create Geist, White Wolf's newest game line, which will make its formal debut in August of 2009.

She has also edited several roleplaying games, including The Lemurian Candidate written by Andrew Kenrick of SteamPower Publishing, which was nominated for an ENnie in the category of Best Adventure in 2006.

Outside of the gaming industry, Jess is the creator of "Forsoothly Spoken," a regular feature with Renaissance Magazine, which also publishes many of her articles and book reviews.

A life-long native of the Pacific Northwest, she's recently found herself transplanted to the wilds of Southeastern Arizona, where she dwells with her husband and daughter and a menagerie of other interesting creatures. She's an active member of The Camarilla and the Society for Creative Anachronism, and participates in a plethora of other strange and curious hobbies and pastimes which often make her neighbors and acquaintances scratch their heads in confusion.

Renaissance Magazine http://www.renaissancemagazine.com

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